Types of web app development agency


A web app development agency can be a freelance developer, a small development shop, or a large software company. When selecting a web app development agency, it’s important to understand the different agencies and their capabilities.

Types of web app development agency

Freelance Developer: A freelancer is an individual contractor who has specific programming, design, or marketing skills. Freelancers often work from home and are hired for short-term projects. For example, a web app development agency in singapore can be a great option if you need a specific skill set not available in-house. However, freelancers can be difficult to manage and may not have the resources or expertise to complete your project on time or within budget.

-Small Development Shop: A small development shop is a company with fewer than ten employees. These shops often have a few programmers, a designer, and someone who oversees the project.

-Large Software Company: A large software company is a company that develops and sells software products to businesses or consumers. These companies often have hundreds of employees and offer a wide range of services.

-Enterprise: An enterprise is a large company that uses software to run its business. These companies often have hundreds or thousands of employees and pay more for high-quality software.


Be sure to ask about the agency’s experience with your specific industry, platform, or technology. You should also ask about the size of the projects they’ve worked on and what type of clients they’ve served in the past.

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