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Shared Hosting and VPS Web Hosting: What Makes One Different from the Other

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In terms of web hosting, there are many plans to choose from. The majority of providers offer at least one shared plan. But, some offer Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting, which is a more advanced kind of web hosting. This type of hosting gives users access to more resources and versatility than they get with shared hosting. Keep reading this web hosting guide to know the differences between a shared hosting and VPN hosting:

Shared Web Hosting

In shared hosting, servers are shared among many websites. This lets the web host provide plans at reasonable prices. This kind of web hosting is usually enough for most new website owners and small businesses. A lot of affordable shared hosting plans come with many features including unlimited web space, free domain name, drag-and-drop website builder, several websites on one account, and others. With these features, even users who have no technical skills can set up a professionally-looking website. But, it is important to keep in mind that the features in a shared hosting plan vary by providers.

VPS Hosting

This type of web hosting makes use of virtual private servers to offer customers more power and versatility than is available with shared hosting. It lets users install any kind of platform or software they want. VPS hosting is meant to offer the many benefits of a dedicated server minus the price. In VPS hosting, a website shares the server with others. However, the site has its own space that acts like a dedicated server. With VPS hosting, website owners get greater privacy and security, greater control over their server, and the ability to customize their website including the customization of applications like Apache, PHP, and MySQL to their specifications.

Generally, those who own a high-traffic website can gain the most benefits from VPS hosting. The same holds true to those who want to install and customize elements to their website regularly. But, VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. But, since most providers of VPS hosting provide their customers with a choice of plans, website owners will only pay for the resources they need.

If you are searching for web hosting, take the time to do your homework and compare various hosting plans. If you are choosing between shared and VPS hosting, compare their features and pick the ones you will really need for your site. Also, consider your budget, the size of your website, your customization needs.

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