Reasons why SCADA monitoring is the perfect way to offer business solutions


Businesses and industries are always looking to run as efficiently as possible and finding innovative ways of achieving this, to ensure no money is wasted and to get the most from production possibilities. The last thing they need are preventable issues and problems to their machinery and premises.

SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition to give its full title, is a control system which is used to collect and analyse data to provide remote functionality for high-level processes, such as in energy, transportation, food and beverage and the gas and oil industry. The data is collected and sent to a SCADA monitor. It can contain such information as,

  • Alerts to an unintended event which could mean downtime on a production line and a possible financial loss along with a possible late completion date which can let down customers. It is essential that the issue is resolved quickly so production can continue as soon as possible. Information about how the problem occurred will be available so that the issue can be diagnosed and fixed with minimal disruption by the engineers.
  • The ability to make changes quickly and at the touch of a button as the data provided allows businesses to make more informed decisions and increase productivity through improved processes and systems leading to better productivity.
  • With real-time data showing on the monitor, along with automated logs and alerts for preventative maintenance, technicians can ensure machinery is serviced before errors or breakages occur meaning improved maintenance and often money saved from having to repair what can become a major fault is unattended. It also offers protection to machinery and a greater longevity.
  • VTScada provides an overview on its monitor of how each piece of equipment is performing through the collection of the real-time data. It allows making data-driven decisions about how processes can be improved.
  • The monitors can be viewed anywhere, meaning remote working is available so there is no need for engineers to be onsite permanently. An alert will be sent ahead of any major issue ensuring a quick and timely call out means continued production and functionality.
  • The security of the network and monitoring will be protected along with the infrastructure through remote automation equipment.

VTScada is a robust system that will guarantee many benefits to any business or industry using it. It is cost effective and a fantastic addition to safety and offering longevity to everything it monitors.

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