How To Get The Singapore Employment Pass


Singapore is among the most developed countries, which is probably why it attracts hundreds and thousands of people from around the world to work there. It is not possible to allow all of them to work there. This is why the singapore employment pass is issued. This allows the Ministry of Manpower to govern the eligible people for working in Singapore based on merit.

Requirements For A Singapore Employment Pass

  • For graduates, a minimum salary of 3600 SGD is fixed. To qualify for an employment pass, he must make at least this amount.
  • People who have higher qualifications must make a bigger amount of money to qualify for the employment pass.
  • There is a basic requirement for the person to work in managerial, executive, or a specialized job.
  • The pass’s issue is based upon merit, so the person also must have a degree from a reputed institute and proper work history and experience in the field that he is working in.

The Duration Of An Employment Pass

Singapore employment pass usually lasts for 1 or 2 years. After this period, the pass expires, and it is required for the holder to apply for the renewal of the pass.

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